We as believers in Christ do have many duties to not only ourselves and brothers and sisters in Christ but also to unbelievers.
Yes we are called to spread the good news of Jesus. How God sent his only son to this earth to be crucified buried and resurrected
in order for us to have an abundant life here on earth with grace and mercy and everlasting life afterward. Yes we are called to be a city on a hill, be a light
in the darkness, to pray intercede and call upon the name of the lord, to worship God. We are called to visit the sick,
bear one another’s burdens and do many more things with guidance from God and with love for others. We are not however called to judge anyone.
That is God’s duty. He is the righteous one who will hold each and every one of us accountable for the decisions we have made. We have
to stand before him and give account for what we did with our time, what and who we chose to worship, who we decided to marry. We are nobody’s
judge. God gave us all a choice the one who created the heavens and the earth the one who gives life and loves unconditionally. So if the
creator of the world, the alpha and the omega beginning and end has given us the choice to choose him and the opportunity to choose
what our heart desires then who are we christian or otherwise to judge and condemn anyone for exercising their god given right to choose?
Yes we are entitled to our own opinion and we have the right to express our views so if that is a right you cherish then let others
do the same. It is not you they have to answer to it is God.

  To whom much is given, of him much is required. (Luke 12:48) but how do we measure  “much”?  To me “much” , like everything else comparable lies in the eye of the beholder.
  Some may say the amount of money we have  in our pockets or in the bank determines this. Others may attribute “much” to personal aptitudes in the arts, or education or even in looks
. My view is that “much” reflects the very life we have been given. The oxygen we inhale is “much” the people that have been placed in our lives the cities we inhabit and the
daily life situations we encounter. That is “much”. The requirement of being given much is that we dsomething productive and of value not only to ourselves and the immediate situation we find ourselves, but also to those outside of our bubble of familiarity.  Many people disgree with this view because they believe they have a responsibility only to themselves. God has placed within each one of us “much” and he wants us to share this amazing individual gift with the world. Whether you pay your bills on time, go to work daily, spend quality time with your loved ones, listen to a friend that has an issue,whatever it is be of service and use your “much to the best of your ability. Then ask God to guide you and that much will not only bless others but you as well.

  When we use what God has given us as a blessing to others then there is no secret
 what God can do. I’m using my love of writing to reach everyone. My ability
to sing and be empathetic to others situations is my much. My love for my family and friends is my “much” My love for GOD is my “much.” 
So I encourage everyone who has read this to look for your much.Do not be discouraged if   you don’t have a lot of money or if your not the brightest crayon in the box. You wouldn’t be here at this moment if you didn’t have “much” to offer. So use it to the best
of your ability and I guarantee you will not have to look far.

If you love me you will keep my commands. John 14:15 On the other side of this declaration we must understand that God is also saying I love you enough to give you commands
The guidelines that we are to live by and adhere to are not to make us prisoners to the 
God that loves us, but they are the result of a merciful and graceful God who loves each of us enough to give us a choice to follow his commands.
Not only does he show his love in the way of commands but he sent his only son to be persecuted,beaten, spat on, denied, mocked, bruised for OUR sins and for OUR peace 
and ultimately crucified in order for us to have the choice to live eternally with the heavenly father.
So many of us confuse God telling us “no” with him being on a power trip or him not wanting us to be happy.We get angry because our flesh craves immoral and sinful things like someone else’s wife or husband, or to be with someone of the same sex. We think God doesn’t want us to have fun or that he is being unfair or judgmental because he isn’t loving us or accepting us for who we are  God does love us he wants us to have an abundant life but We need to realize what we want is not always good for us. Yes when we get what we desire it may feel good or look good but if we want to be pleasing to God and allow him to love us and be in a relationship with him we need to listen to his voice and understand that God telling us no is him saying  I love you enough to give you boundaries.